Monday, May 28, 2012

Young Local Missionaries to Dinner

We invited two of the young missionaries who work in our local area over to dinner (Sunday, May 27, 2012). We often see them out on the street looking for contacts near our apartment. They are Elder Chase Gabbitas from Roy, Utah, and Elder Ammon Baldomero form Kailua, Hawaii. They are wonderful hard-working missionaries who are having success in this area of the Madrid Spain Mission.

Sister Miriam de Schweinitz from Palo Alto, California, a senior sister missionary at the Madrid Temple, also joined us for dinner. Here is the group, posing in our apartment:
Beverly, Scott, Elder Gabbitas, Elder Baldomero, and Sister de Scweinitz
Beverly cooked a beef roast in our slow cooker (a gift from another missionary couple), baked potatoes, and made a fruit salad. Sister de Schweinitz made a tossed salad and brownies. Scott supplied the ice cream to go with the brownies.

We enjoyed a great meal and even greater conversation.

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  1. Hay! That's my nephew, Ammon ;) Nice to see how well he is doing and thank you for taking care of him!!! We miss him a lot, but know he is doing well. Mahalo!!!
    'Ofa Peloso (Ammon Baldomero's aunty)