Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our Temple Training

We had a marvelous time in the Provo Utah Temple, where we and 20 other senior missionaries (9 other couples and two single sisters) received temple training. Our Temple Missionaries Coordinators were Elder F. Melvin Hammond and his wife Bonnie. Elder Hammond has been a member of the First Quorum of Seventy, General Young Men President of the Church, President of the Bolivia Cochabamba Mission, and President of the Washington DC Temple.

We heard messages from a member of the Provo Temple Presidency, the Temple Recorder, the Temple Engineer, and the Assistant Laundry Manager. On our first day, an area director of the Church Temple Committee spent a half day training us. We participated in most of the temple ordinances and received some training on the wording of the ordinances--in English and Spanish.

Here is a picture of our group in front of the Provo Temple:

The senior missionaries (left to right) and the temple in which they will serve include Elder and Sister Ward, Cebu City Philippines Temple; Elder and Sister Haskell, Palmyra Temple; Elder and Sister Smith, San Jose Costa Rica Temple; Elder and Sister Larsen, Atlanta Temple; Elder and Sister Hammond, our training coordinators; Sister Ennis, Washington DC Temple; Sister Dick, Guatemala City Temple; Sister and Elder Elwood, Kona Hawaii Temple; Sister and Elder Smith, Guadalajara Mexico Temple; Sister and Brother Brinton, Guatemala City Temple; Beverly and Scott, Madrid Spain Temple; Elder and Sister Broadbent, Panama City Temple.

We love these fellow missionaries and our temple training coordinators.

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