Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spanish Visas!

After hearing horror stories about young missionaries and couples who had to spend up to four months in the MTC because of delayed visas to Spain, we feel blessed that today we got ours!

In an informal ceremony, the honorary consul of Spain in Utah, Baldomero Lago, a professor of foreign language at Utah Valley University, presented us our passports with attached visas.

Scott and Beverly with Dr. Lago in his UVU office, with the American and Spanish flags behind us:

Dr. Lago was an instructor of Spanish at BYU for five years before he took a job as professor of Spanish at UVU. He is a charming man and a member of the LDS Church.

Our residence visas (names blurred out for security reasons):

It was a happy day, knowing that we would be able to leave for Spain on our scheduled date of May 11, 2012.

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