Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Madrid Apartment

We love our apartment here in Madrid. It has only four rooms, but it works fine for a missionary couple.

This is our apartment building, which houses temple missionary apartments, the Madrid Missionary Training Center, the Distribution Center, LDS Employment Services, and the hostel for members who come to the temple:

You can see how close our apartment building is to the temple, in the photo below. The red building on the left is the apartment building, right next to the temple (view of the west side of the temple).

Here's another photo that shows the proximity between the temple and our apartment. The white wall on the left is the east side of the temple, and the big red building straight ahead  is our building:

When we arrived last Tuesday morning (May 15, 2012) this sign was attached to our door (a similar sign is on the door of all the missionaries):

When we entered our room, there we saw, on the kitchen bar, these welcome items--fruit, chocolate truffles, honey nuts, filled rolls, and an information sheet:

We also found a full issue of towels and sheets on our bed:

The following are pictures of our four rooms.

Beverly in the living room (with TV, DVD player, computer desk, etc.):

Beverly checking the dishwasher in our kitchen; it also has a large fridge, stove and oven, microwave, sink, and bar:

Not part of our apartment, but we bought this collapsible cart. It is essential for carrying our groceries from the stores (two to three blocks away) and carrying our clothes to and from the laundry:

Our bedroom with queen-sized bed, night stands, two dressers, and two closets.

Our bathroom:

Another view of our bathroom (with Scott in the mirror taking the picture):

Our laundry room, located in the basement of the building. It has five washers and four high-capacity dryers. We are issued tokens each week so that we can do the laundry for free:

So there you have it, our home away from home. Very convenient and comfortable.

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  1. This blog is so interesting to us. My blog seems so unimformative compared to yours. I love all the pictures. I will now do more. The Temple is so beautiful and your apartment alot like ours, a little bigger perhaps. What a lovely setting you have to live and serve in.