Friday, May 4, 2012

Friends and Teachers at the MTC

We had a wonderful first week at the Provo MTC! The teachers, meetings, roll-playing, Spanish lessons, and group meetings were all excellent. Here are a few of the people we enjoyed being with at the MTC.

Our "Preach My Gospel" teachers:
Beverly, Brother Wozniak, and Scott

Scott, Brother Pike, and Beverly
Brother Pike is the son of Dr. Pike, a friend and fellow BYU professor.

Scott, Elder Barney, and Beverly
We loved the kind, loving spirits of these returned missionaries and their excellent teaching methods and information.

Scott's Spanish Tutor:
Scott and Brother Vasquez
At first Scott wasn't going to use a language tutor at the MTC, but then he realized he would benefit from some brushing up and practice as he prepared to go to Spain.

Our district:
Sisters Dick, Ennis and Evans; Elder and Sister Mickelson; Brother Wozniack; Sister and Elder Sanft; Beverly and Scott

At the MTC, the senior missionaries are divided into districts of six to ten missionaries. We got to know the other seven missionaries in our district as we shared experiences and testimonies.

Our friends and former neighbors:

Elder and Sister Haskell; Beverly and Scott
For several years, the Haskells were our friends and neighbors in north Orem. Elder Haskell was also one of Scott's counselors in an MTC branch presidency several years ago. We were surprised and pleased that the Haskells entered the MTC the same time we did. They are going to be temple missionaries in Palmyra, New York.

Our former next-door neighbors, Elder and Sister Miller were also at the MTC. They entered the MTC one week ahead of us. They are going to serve as medical missionaries in Nauvoo.

Scott and Beverly at MTC Map
We followed the tradition of having our picture taken at the big world map in the main building of the MTC, as we pointed to the location of our mission: Madrid, Spain.

We ended our first week by having a special testimony meeting in Spanish (and some French) with the senior missionaries who were studying a foreign language. What a wonderful week!

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