Monday, July 23, 2012

Toledo, Spain

On June 22, 2012, Scott and Beverly took the Renfre train from the Madrid Atocha station to Toledo, Spain. This is the notice for the Toledo train leaving from Atocha:

We arrived in Toledo about 8:50 (30 minute train ride from Madrid) to this station:

This was our first view of Alcázar fortress (now a museum), the Alcántara bridge, and the Tajo River:

 This is a closer view of Alcázar on the hill in the old walled city of Toledo:

Here is another view of Alcázar and the Río Tajo:

 Beverly stands at the entrance of Alcázar after we had gone through the museum:

Scott was not happy that cameras weren't allowed inside the museum; however, they were allowed in the courtyard:

After visiting Alcázar, we went to the wonderful art museum--Museo de la Santa Cruz:

Wonderfully, this museum allowed photography inside and out. Here is the inner courtyard of the art museum:

 This beautiful painting is La Verónica con la Santa Faz by El Greco:

This is an example of a panel of azulejos (patterned ceramic tiles), made in Lisbon in the 17th century, on display at the Museo de la Santa Cruz:

Our next stop was shopping on the way to the Catedral de Toledo, shown here at the end of a narrow street (with Spanish flags on display):

This is the main façade of the Catedral de Toledo:

Inside the Catedral was this famous painting by El Greco, Disrobing of Christ (El Espolio), 1577-79, located in the Sacristy:

Next we went to the Sinagoga de Santa María La Blanca, which at one time was a Jewish synagogue but long ago was converted into a catholic church:

We took a trip outside the old city to a viewpoint, from which we could see the Río Tajo and the entire historic center:

The trip around and outside the city was in this little train:

We loved Toledo!

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