Friday, July 13, 2012

Guests from the United States

Scott, Beverly, Randall and Gayle Jones (Gilbert, AZ), Miriam de Schweinitz, Mary Martínez (Mesa, AZ)
Randall and Gayle Jones of Gilbert, AZ, have a son who recently received his mission call to the Peru Lima East Mission. When they searched for information on their son's mission, they found our previous blog, which led them to our current blog. What a coincidence that their first son was serving where we are serving now (Spain) and their second son will be serving where we served before (Peru). The Jones emailed us that they were on their way to Spain to pick up their son from his mission so we invited them to our church meetings and to dinner afterwards.

We also met a young woman at church that day, Mary Martinez of Mesa, AZ, who was studying in Granada, Spain, on a semester abroad program. She was staying a few days in Madrid before returning to the U.S. so we also invited her to dinner.

And of course we invited our close friend and fellow temple worker Miriam de Schweinitz.

We had a great meal and and chatted for a long time after lunch. Best wishes to the Joneses and to Mary!

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