Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sister Missionaries to Dinner

We invited two of the young sister missionaries who work in our ward to join us in our apartment for dinner on Sunday, July 1st. We also invited Sister Miriam de Schweinitz, who has become a good friend. Here are the five of us:
Scott, Bev, Sister Kristianna Wright, Sister Eva Piedade, and Sister de Schweinitz

Sister Piedade is from Lisbon, Portugal, and has been serving as a missionary for 13 months. Sister Wright is from Sandy, Utah, and has been serving for only two months. Sister Wright attended BYU before her mission and Sister Piedade is hoping to go to BYU after her mission. After dinner, we enjoyed hearing Sister Piedade and Sister Wright share a scripture and their testimonies.

These are excellent sister missionaries, who are having success in teaching and bringing people into the Gospel.

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