Friday, July 13, 2012

A Birthday Party for Sister Eastman

Tuesday, June 10, 2012, was Sister Teresa Eastman's birthday. Sister Eastman is in charge of decorating the doors of temple missionaries on their birthdays, so Beverly and Miriam thought it would be nice to surprise her by decorating her door and holding a party for her.
Beverly, Teresa, Miriam

Beverly prepared a fruit pizza, a fruit plate, and ham sandwiches. Miriam baked and decorated a cake, and brought a watermelon and salted almonds:

Nearly all of the temple missionaries came (there were 24 people present), including President Tenney and his counselor President PayĆ”, and their wives:
Pres. Tenney, Sister Eby (standing), the Lloyds, the Payas, and Sister Eastman
We even had a short impromptu recital and sing-along, thanks to David Eastman:

Everyone said it was a great party!

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