Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday Guests

Yesterday after church, we enjoyed the company of, and a fajita dinner with, two of the sister missionaries in our ward and a group of BYU students (current and former) who where here working on a research project.

Here are the two missionaries, Sister Holly Clark of Star Valley, Wyoming, and Sister Catherine Kristina Shepherd of Derby, England, along with Beverly and Scott:

They are such wonderful, dedicated missionaries. Before they left, they shared a scripture and spiritual thought.

Our other dinner guests, with Scott and Beverly in this picture, were Layne Watson (whose parents live in Anchorage, Alaska), Leah Greene (whose parents live in West Bend, Wisconsin), Rory Haglund (whose parents live in Chicago, Illinois; she is cousin to our son-in-law Marshall), and Eric (not shown in the picture because he was ill and taking a nap):

They were in Madrid as part of a research project that Eric is doing for his master's degree at BYU. All four have a bachelor's degree from BYU or are attending BYU right now.

We had a wonderful time eating and chatting.

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  1. Thank you again for your wonderful hospitality! We appreciated everything so much! I hope you continue to love Spain and all the fantastic work you're doing in the temple.