Monday, August 6, 2012

Family Home Evening for August 2012

One of our assignments from the temple president, as mentioned in an earlier post, is to be in charge of the monthly Family Home Evenings for the temple missionaries, held in the afternoon of the first Monday of the month. President Tenney's theme for this month was El Monte del Señor (The Mount of the Lord) and he showed a video about the construction of the Salt Lake Temple and about temple work in general.

This is a copy of the invitation/flyer that we made for the event:

We also made little paper temples, and put a few pieces of candy in the boxes:

Scott and Beverly in front of one of the tables which have been set for the event:

Everyone was assigned to bring a main dish, a salad, or a dessert. Hermana Hernández made seafood paella, a famous of Spanish dish. (We didn't try it because Scott is allergic to shrimp and Beverly doesn't like most seafood):

Sister Eby prepared delicious meatloaf:
Here are Hermanas Duarte, Hernández, and Blesa choosing salad from the excellent selection:

We also had a great selection of desserts.

Elder Eastman and Hermano Blesa dish up their food, as Beverly checks on the main dishes:

Hermanas Moreno, Paredes, Simmon, and Gavilán enjoy their meal: 

The Gutierrez family pauses for a photo before they prepare to eat:

At our table were Beverly, Presidente and Hermana Payá (he is a counselor in the temple presidency), and Sister and Elder Eastman:

My plate of wonderful food:

At this table were Sister and Elder Davenport (front), Sister Kartchner-Hauley (left), Sister Tanner (right), and Elder and Sister Eby (back):

The sisters at this table are (clockwise from front left): de Schweinitz, Hernández, Moreno, Paredes, Simmon, and Gavilán: 

Everyone loved the table settings, the food, the video El Monte del Señor, and the brief testimony by President Tenney.

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  1. Thanks for your great blog; it provides a lot of information and insights. We hope to see you in October (still waiting for visas after many months). We will be serving in a center for young adults (presumably on Tenerife).
    Mike & Charmaine Anderson