Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dinner with Two More Wonderful Elders

We invited two wonderful missionaries from our ward, Elder Ruben Paredes (from El Paso, Texas) and Elder Christopher Smith (from a city west of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada), to dinner today. We fixed them fajitas with all the trimmings--home-made refried beans, Spanish olives, cheddar cheese, sour cream (or something close to it, because we can't find the real stuff in Spain), jalapeño peppers, etc.

The missionaries shared a spiritual thought and prayer with us. All the young missionaries received transfers this week. Elder Paredes (with a new assignment as trainer) is staying here in our ward but Elder Smith is being transferred on Tuesday to another ward in central Madrid.

Here is a picture of (left to right) Scott, Beverly, Elder Paredes and Elder Smith:

We wish the best for these elders in their new assignments.

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  1. Hi for an Elder Serrano who is coming back from our mission to yours. He will be released here next week. His parents work in the Temple there and are coming here to get him, I think. Don't know him well, not in our area, but we meet him at our mailrun and he seems a real asset to any area. I told him to look for you two. Sue