Friday, December 28, 2012

Temple Missionary Christmas Dinners

Our monthly Temple Missionary Conference was held on December 17, and as usual, we were in charge of the table decorations and dinner. We had a Christmas theme. Here Beverly finishes setting the last of the tables:

A close up of the Christmas table settings:

We had a great selection of food, including these salads:

... and desserts:

Seated at one of the tables were, from left to right, Brother and Sister Lloyd, Brother and Sister Duarte, and Brother and Sister Blesa:

And at another table, Sister Hernández, Brother and Sister Eby, and Brother and Sister Salas:

This is a picture of the entire group of temple missionaries at the dinner on December 17, 2012:

1 Sister de Schweinitz (California); 2-3 Sister and President Somoza (1st Counselor in the Temple Presidency; Spain), 4-5 President and Sister Tenney (Temple President and matron, Utah); 6-7 President and Sister Paya (2nd Counselor Temple, France), 8 Sister Rol (Holland); 9-10 Scott and Beverly (Utah); 11-12 Brother and Sister Alfonso (Spain); 13-14 Brother and Sister Conesa (France); 15-16 Brother and Sister Eastman (Idaho); 17-18 Brother and Sister Duarte (Spain); 19 Sister Hernández (Spain); 20-21  Brother and Sister Pérez (Spain); 22 Sister López (Spain); 23-24 Brother and Sister Eby (Utah); 25-26 Brother and Sister Salas (Spain); 27-28 Brother and Sister Blesa (Spain); 29-31 Daniel Gutiérrez y Brother and Sister Gutiérrez (Spain); and 32-33 Brother and Sister Lloyd (Arizona and Italy)

President Tenney prepares the ham for serving:

The Duartes brought this interesting and good-tasting mussel-on-the-half-shell:

President Tenney begins the dinner with a few words (to the right of him are Sister Rol and Sister Hernández and Brother Gutiérrez:

Beverly and Sister Eby pose in their look-alike outfits (a coincident):

The wonderful selection of food:

Scott's plate of food (he was daring and tried nearly everything):

A group of temple missionaries at one of the tables:

Scott and Beverly pose for a picture in their apartment on Christmas Day:

It was special a Christmas with our adopted "family" of fellow temple missionaries.


  1. You have no idea who am I but I happened across your blog some time ago and love hearing about Madrid. I served there between 1996 and 1998. Thank you for your dedication and service! I saw the picture of los Blesa and I smiled greatly. I served in Fuenlabrada and had the privilege of meeting, serving with this wonderful couple. Please pass on mis saludos to them.

    1. Hi, Nathan,

      Great hearing from you. We love the Blesas and will be sad to see them leave at the end of next week, as they are finishing their mission here at the Madrid temple. They live across the hall from us and have become dear friends. Best wishes. --Scott (co-author of this blog)