Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Lights on Madrid Temple Square

We love the feeling of Christmas as we look out our apartment window onto the Madrid Temple Square or walk through the square at night. We also enjoy the various Christmas trees in our building.

The Christmas tree in our apartment, with "bulbs" of pictures of our 22, soon to be 23, grandchildren:

The Christmas tree in the hallway, just outside our apartment door:

The Christmas tree at the main entrance to our apartment building:

The Madrid Temple Square with Christmas light:

This lifesize "Belén" (which is Spanish for "Bethlehem" but here in Spain it's the name used for "Nativity") is on the south side of the temple:

 This near-lifesize Belén is on the west side of the temple, which has most of the foot traffic:

This is a closeup of the Nativity scene:

We love the feeling of Christmas inside and outside of the Madrid Temple!

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