Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Real Madrid Football (Soccer) Game

On the evening of August 22, 2013, Scott and Beverly attended a football (soccer) game between Real Madrid and Al-Sadd (of Qatar). It fulfilled one of our mission "bucket list" items, to attend a Real Madrid game.

When we got off the subway near the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, we found lots of booths selling paraphernalia of Real Madrid and their opponent. We bought a Real Madrid banner. Scott wanted to buy a Real Madrid jersey but they were too expensive (He bought one a day later from a street salesman at a much better price):

The people poured into the streets from all parts of Madrid and the surrounding areas:

Scott took this picture of Beverly about 30 minutes before the game started. (The game started at 10:30 pm!). The rabid fans, in their Real Madrid jerseys, were already filling the stadium, which holds 100,000 people:

During the opening festivities in the stadium, we enjoyed a full-moon rising in the sky above us:

Here we are with our Real Madrid banner. 

The huge stadium filled quickly:

This was a special night. The pregame festivities honored one of the most famous Spanish football players of all time and top all-time scorer for Real Madrid, Raúl (Raúl González Blanco). Raúl retired from Real Madrid in 2010 and he now plays for Al-Sadd. So this was his return to Madrid:

Amazingly, Al-Sadd let Raúl play the first half for Real Madrid. This is a picture of Raúl, in Real Madrid uniform, running onto the field (Al-Sadd is in black and Real Madrid is in white) to the applause of the players and fans:

The start of the game:

The celebration after Raúl scored the first point of the night, for Real Madrid:

Real Madrid won the game 5-0.

It was a great cultural experience for us to attend a game of one of the most respected and successful professional soccer teams in the world, Real Madrid.


  1. Hi! I found your blog googling madrid because my husband and I are going to be taking a trip to Marid next week. I love your post. Soccer is my favorite sport!

    Somewhere we heard that the Madrid temple allows members to stay there if they are visiting if they do a session. I saw on the website that they have guest housing. How do we contact someone about that?

  2. Congratulations for accomplishing one important mission on your bucket list. I'm sure that you were very happy. The streets were filled with people supporting Real Madrid, and a lot of vendors were there too. Selling RMA merchandise a business seems great because many are willing to spend money on jerseys, scarves, and other goods just to show their love and support for the club!

    Jennine Stalder @ UESports

  3. Oh, that was undeniably a great night for the both you. It was truly remarkable because you have fulfilled one of the things in your bucket list. I love how you used the term “mission,” as people would truly feel your dedication of completing those items in your list. Anyhow, having that beautiful banner is a great way of showing your support to the club. How about a jersey? Do you have one as well? Football is really a wonderful sport. It's no wonder people of all ages love it! :)

    Linnie Dimmitt @ Uniforms Express