Sunday, April 21, 2013

Young Missionaries at the Madrid MTC

Scott and Beverly spoke at the Centro de Capacitación de Madrid (Madrid MTC) today (April 21, 2013). We enjoyed being with the large number of young missionaries currently living here, just above us in the same building. The number of missionaries has more than doubled over the past few months, with more sister missionaries arriving than elders.

Here we are with Sister McKinsey Jo Smith. We corresponded with her sister, Kelly Bunn, before Sister Smith arrived here. It was great to meet Sister Smith in the temple after she first arrived and to see her again today. What a wonderful, special missionary!

As we were giving our talks, we saw a missionary sitting on the front row with the name of Vogel. He looked just like President Eric Vogel, counselor in our home (Orem, Utah) stake presidency. As we surmised, Elder Peter Vogel is Pres. Vogel's son. What a great Elder! Here we pose together in the MTC cafeteria:

Later in the day, all the missionaries at the MTC assembled on the stairs by the temple and sang church hymns:

This view of the choir shows Elder Vogel in the upper left corner and Sister Smith in the middle of the front row:

And here are closeup shots of Elder Vogel and Sister Smith:

To view the YouTube video of these missionaries, go to LDS Madrid Missionaries Sing by the Temple

It's always wonderful to be with the young missionaries as they prepare to become ambassadors of the Lord here in Spain!


  1. Thank you so much for posting pictures of Sister Smith! It is good to see her and I know she is in good hands :).
    -Kelly Bunn

  2. This blog and the youtube video that goes with it just made my MONTH! What a tender mercy to those of us hungry for details about our child's mission! Our daughter (Hermana Hansen, ponytail, bottom left in your last photo) and her best friend (and now companion), Hermana Peterson arrived at the Spain MTC two weeks ago. My daughter told me about this a few hours ago in her email. Being able to see the two of them standing together on the steps of the Madrid Temple, singing "Called To Serve" amongst that beautiful army of missionaries is overwhelming! Thank you so very much for taking the time to do this and for sharing it with us! I am so grateful and can't wait to show her dad when he wakes up! (I seem to be experiencing joy-induced insomnia!) ;)

    1. Peggy, we are so glad to hear from you. Sister Hansen and Sister Peterson come to the temple every Thursday morning while Scott and Beverly are coordinators. Beverly has met both of them. They are wonderful sisters! If we get a chance, we'll take more pictures.

      BTW, how did you find the video? We have since posted the link on this blog.

    2. Oh, you've met them, how fun! Hannah, Hermana Hansen, told me in her email in the wee hours of the morning here, "Mom, if you look up something about Spain missionaries singing at the temple you should be able to find us singing at the temple on youtube." Haha from that rushed statement I googled it and found you! You've made so many people happy with this post, thanks again so very much!

  3. Me too! Really happy to see my son (Elder Koeven, middle of almost the back row, red tie) in your photos AND on the video (one of his friends sent me the link for it on facebook, and she said SHE got it from a friend, and I don't know where THAT friend got it--guess you've gone viral :) Thanks so much for posting! (Cindy Wardell)

  4. Thanks too for posting this- So fun to see our daughter singing in front of the temple (she has the heart on her shirt- far right)

  5. Beautiful pictures of these wonderful young people. We, too, are bursting at the seams with new missionaries..our poor President, so much responsibility and so little time. We are packing today to return home on Monday. What a wonderful year it has been, we will do it again! Hope you are well.