Saturday, June 9, 2012

Fun Things You See in the Madrid City Center

If you take a trip to the center of Old Madrid, and walk around the plazas on a Friday or Saturday evening, you see all kinds of street performers. Some of them are very interesting, for example---

This two-person act has a man on the bottom casually holding a pole, while the man above him is suspended in mid air:

This mime portrays a newspaper man reading his newspaper:

This quartet was playing some very nice Mozart:

When Scott first saw this figure, he thought it was another street mime. No. It was a cast-iron statue of a street sweeper:

We also see various cartoon characters. Beverly posed for a photo with Elmo:

The Madrid City Center is an exciting place!

(In case you are wondering, we tipped all of these performers, except the street sweeper.)


  1. Such a cool place. Hope you are having as much fun as it looks like you are. And just FYI that's not Elmo that is Cookie Monster.

  2. How does he hold himself up!? That's amazing!!